London Walkabout

I went on a walkabout around Lambeth and then up to Hyde Park. Whilst turning a corner I came across this poor chap trying to put his scooter out! As you can see the blaze had really taken hold and, although he borrowed an extinguisher from a local restaurant, his scooter was completely burnt out.


I’ve seen quite a lot of the Underground escalator pics so thought I would try one. I’m quite please how this turned out.


Obviously I had to do the tourist trail so took a few pics of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge as we walked along the South Bank to Shad Thames.



Finally I ended at Hyde Park where I was mesmerised by the skill of the skaters and the passion of the orators at Speakers Corner. I can’t wait to go back.





The Photographers Gallery

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Photographers Gallery, just off Oxford St in central London. I was particularly pleased to find that they were exhibiting one of my favourite photographers, David Lynch. David Lynch - The Factory Photographs runs till 30/03/14, if you find yourself anywhere nearby do take a look, it’s well worth the £4 entrance fee.

London BW-1

London BW-2

London BW-3

London BW-4


SCRIBBLER - Don’t grow up.


Following a great day out in London (spent the day with Indra and got two new people for my 100 Strangers project) we got back to Liverpool St Stn a bit early. I decided to try taking a few street shots in the Stn, this was my favourite.

Last time I tried this at Chapelfield shopping centre in Norwich the security guards went mad, virtually accusing me of being a radicalised terrorist. Luckily London Transport police were much more relaxed about a man with a camera.

London Bridge and Covent Garden

Joel and I went for a walk alongside the Thames and then across to Covent Garden to take in the street theatre. The street theatre was good, an escapologist act from Adelaide, but as usual I found myself watching the crowd as much as the artist.