Waterfowl at Pensthorpe.

A lovely Father’s Day walk around Pensthorpe gave some great photo opportunities. Star of the show was definitely the baby Avocet complete with very protective mother.

The other Star of the Show was my wife, who treated me to a one year membership. Cracking present. Expect a lot more photos in the next 12 months.


Woodland Birds.

I always enjoy a quick trip down to the woods to photograph the tits and finches. Today I was treated to one of the prettiest Robin’s I’ve seen for some time too.








Today I took a stroll around the footpaths and trails of Pensthorpe. For anyone that doesn’t know the area, Pensthorpe is in the heart of the Norfolk countryside. It is part of the beautiful upper reaches of the Wensum Valley. Some may remember that a few years back the BBC chose to film their highly popular series Spring Watch here.

They have several hides looking out over the lakes and scrapes but the hide that I find most interesting is the woodland one. Set in a 200 year old wood it is home to the usual array of tits and finches but if you are lucky (and patient!) it can and will throw a surprise or two.

Today I was treated to a Muntjac deer feeding just a few feet away from the hide and then a Woodpecker flew in for a free feed. However, the highlight for me were the Nuthaches. They are fascinating to watch. They are able to hang on to branches at seemingly impossible angles, occasionally even completely upside down.

MuntjacBlue TitChaffinchCoal TitWoodpeckerGreat Tit 2Nuthatch2Great TitMuntjac2NuthatchRobin