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I hadn’t paid much attention to my 100Strangers for the last few weeks. There were two reasons for this. Firstly I had been enjoying my wildlife photography so much almost everything had been put on the back-burner and secondly that the weather here in Norwich had just been so awful that nobody wanted to stop to talk with me! I can’t really blame them.

Anyway, the weather has improved so time to get back to it.

Paul was in the Remembrance Gardens in front of the City Hall in Norwich. He told me that he has been sleeping rough for the last 9 months. He says that he had been working at electrical retailers Comet, but when they closed their branch in Norwich he was made redundant. Shortly afterwards he found out his wife was having an affair so he moved out of the family home and has never returned.

Paul was keen to show me the skin on the back of his hands, the skin was cracked and dry and looked extremely painful. I advised him to go to City Reach to get some medical attention but he laughed and said “it was to late for that”.

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