018/100 Princy


I met Princy on Magdalen Street in Norwich. When I first saw her she was with a small group who were promoting the Hare Krishna movement. As she was in the middle of chanting I waited until she had finished then spoke with her. Princy seemed really happy and relaxed talking about herself and was keen to be involved with my 100 Strangers Project. She explained how she had become involved with Hare Krishna and then insisted that I had some food with her. Unfortunately I had only just eaten so had to decline (it looked really good!) So Princy offered me a small Carab sweet to try instead, which I accepted. I’m glad I did, it was delicious.

Before I could take her portrait Princy insisted that I should take a book with me, titled Chant and be Happy; The Power of Mantra Meditation featuring quotes from John Lennon and George Harrison.

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