016/100 Julian

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I met Julian on a team day at Sheringham. For those who don’t know, Sheringham is a small market town on the North Norfolk coast. At Sheringham, there is a famous land mark(well, famous to the people who know the area!) called the Beeston Bump. It’s named the Beeston Bump because a) technically it’s in Beeston not Sheringham, and b) because in an otherwise pan-flat area it literally is a bump!

Julian and I passed as he was making his way up and I was on my way back down. He was over the moon to be invited to take part in the project. He was keen to tell me that he had lived all his life in Sheringham, by the train station. And that during his time there he had seen many, many changes and for the most part these had been for the better. Unfortunately, like many others in the village, he could see no good coming from the latest development, a Tesco superstore.

Julian does not have internet access at home but was keen to see his portrait when he next visits the library. I hope you like it Julian, and thank you for taking part so enthusiastically.

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